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(Choice Hog)

PRN specializes in the production of organicqualityHealthy pork, and related products


Our Mission:

PNR Farms aims to produce the most nutritious food for our communities and to support the growth of smallholder pig farmers through modern farm technologies for improved production.

Our Vision:

Food, water, shelter and clothing are essential for our survival, it is difficult to comprehend why in this day and age we are not able to provide adequate nourishment for all people. As such, we envision a day when Africa is 100% food secure. Until that day, we will work tirelessly to turn that dream into reality.

Our Strategic Partners:

We offer the best pork products in Uganda, bred and managed by the finest people. at PNR our first partners are our employees. They are the reason behind the finest pork and are at the heart of “our innovative Experience”
PNR_Farms Pork Production

Pork Production

PNR Farms knows your health is of utmost importance, so we take great care to use only the best feeds to produce our meat. We are committed to providing quality table pigs produced under HACCP standards.

PNR Farms Ltd brings you the “Choice Hog Pork” Produced from the proficient Camborough pigs imported in Uganda from PIC farms – in South Africa, these pigs have enabled us to produce premium pork meat and other related products with high nutritional value.

Our Promise:

We believe the best way to take care of the customer is to pick the best pork and to take care of our brand “Choice Hog”.With that in mind, we have invested heavily in high-quality feeding to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.


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